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Верстка сайтов

Это создание структурированной  разметки, корректно отображающейся в всех браузерах на основе макета или шаблона.

Услуги студии

Кодинг на PHP и Javascript

Кросс браузерное программирование PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, JQuery, MooTools.

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Установка сайта на CMS

Следите сaми за Вашим сайтом просто, надежно, удобно. CMS - системa упрaвления кoнтентoм.

Услуги студии

Оптимизация и раскрутка сайта

Оптимизация интернет ресурса – это первый и наиболее важный этап продвижения сайта.

Услуги студии

Реклама сайта в интернете

Изготовление, подготовка и размещение баннерной и текстовой рекламы в Интернете.

Изготовление сайтов

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I am a private web designer and programmer, fields of my professional activities are - development, design and layout of sites, branding, optimization and site promotion, implementation of content management system (CMS), design of printed materials, advertising and programming.

My Philosophy

A good web site consists of two equal parts, the design or appearance of the site, and the functionality and structure of the site. Your site will not be successful and promising, if it is difficult to navigate in your site, or your well-structured site is not attractive to the eye. A good site is remembered because of its great and attractive design as well as its internal functionality.


Creation, layout, optimization and redesign of the site, content management system integration. Knowledge of CSS (CSS3), HTML, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Flash, Ajax, CMS (Mambo, WordPress, Joomla и др.), Adobe Photoshop, DreamWeaver CS, Corel Draw.


I presume the work that will benefit the customer and will bring pleasure to the developer (ie me). I turn to Web-design with great enthusiasm and love - this is my hobby, so the result will always come at a high level.

I promote business development of my clients through the Internet-Technologies. I am finding unique solutions for designing and locating the information.

Aleksej Gordejev


Алексей Гордеев

Contact info

  • eMail: aleksej[at]gordejev.lv
  • Skype: gor-a.
  • ICQ: 562387381
  • Phone: (+371) 26673458
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