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Верстка сайтов

Это создание структурированной  разметки, корректно отображающейся в всех браузерах на основе макета или шаблона.

Услуги студии

Кодинг на PHP и Javascript

Кросс браузерное программирование PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, JQuery, MooTools.

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Установка сайта на CMS

Следите сaми за Вашим сайтом просто, надежно, удобно. CMS - системa упрaвления кoнтентoм.

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Оптимизация и раскрутка сайта

Оптимизация интернет ресурса – это первый и наиболее важный этап продвижения сайта.

Услуги студии

Реклама сайта в интернете

Изготовление, подготовка и размещение баннерной и текстовой рекламы в Интернете.

Изготовление сайтов

Расширения для Joomla
Component AG Google Analytics Free PDF Print E-mail

AG Google AnalyticsAG Google Analytics lets you track and manage the view reports the service Google Analytics directly to the administrative panel of your website. Easy insists, and simply managed. Data are presented not only in the sorting tables, but and graphically. To the visualize data using Google Visualization API.


  • Site Attendance
  • Visitors by ip address
  • Registered users
  • Pageviews
  • Popular pages
  • Traffic Sources
  • Referring Sites
  • Popular Search queries
  • Operating systems and their versions
  • Browsers and their versions
  • Visitors locations

The component has been tested on several sites. Project AG Google Analytics will develop, so I wait support and feedback from you.


Full Version 2.0.1 (price 20 euro) see frontend demo

Free Version 1.0.9 (without Frontent)

Available Translations:

That page looks like with the review visits.

Appearance page review of the traffic sources.

Review Sites referrals.

Review visits superimposed on the map.

Planned to do:

  • In Backend
    • Filtering Traffic Sources -> ip addreses
    • Filtering page header -> Traffic Sources
    • Export data pdf,csv,xml,txt
  • In Frontend
    • Visitors Overview
    • Traffic Sources
    • Popular Search queries
    • Visitors locations

Express their wishes

I am the only developer of this project I'm working on a component of AG Google Analytics on my free time, no sponsors. I'm trying to make a qualitative and functional tool, and your financial support will help maintain and develop this project.

Main Page order development of extensions

Алексей Гордеев

Contact info

  • eMail: aleksej[at]gordejev.lv
  • Skype: gor-a.
  • ICQ: 562387381
  • Phone: (+371) 26673458
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