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Добавил(а) Алексей Гордеев   
20.03.12 22:15 will consider a complete refund of customers order when the request fulfills all of the following requirements:

1. A complaint is filled through contact form (Subject: Refund) within 5 days from the date of purchase;

2. The customer points out a malfunction of the purchased item that depends only from the item itself;

3. The customer provides proof that the extension was well-configured and that setup instructions were followed completely.

After receiving a refund request, has the right to check the malfunction reported and try to fix it within 5 days. After that period, if a working solution is not provided, will provide a complete refund of the purchase.

IF the customer has already sent the information by contact form requesting support for the problem experienced (respecting the term set above), and a solution wasn't given within 5 days, undertake to completely refund money spent on buying a particular item/items on;

Refunds are NOT granted if one or more of the following conditions apply:

1. The customer HAVE NOT SENT the request for a refund within 5 days period of time after purchase.

2. The customer purchased the wrong extension/subscription/pack;

3. The customer requests a missing feature or extension which wasn't advertised in the purchased extension's or subscription's description (on website);

4. The customer points out stylistic or graphic problems that depend on the interaction with the website template;

5. The customer points out a malfunction that depends on conflicts with other installed extensions.